There are lots of challenges that come with scaling business operations to account for expansion. From attracting talent to maintaining company culture to managing costs, you can address many of these challenges by having effective managers in place.

Managers need ongoing support to help them nurture their teams to achieve your company’s strategic goals. Here are 5 ways practical ways you can help.

1. Encourage managers to work together to set objectives

Have an annual planning meeting for managers, where they can collaboratively set objectives for the coming year. This will help them ensure each employee contributes to the business’s strategic goals.

2. Set standards for monitoring and measuring performance

Have a company performance management toolkit for managers to use. It should include any paperwork they need and set benchmarks for assessing performance. This makes it easy for managers to maintain consistency across the company.

3. Train managers to run regular appraisal meetings

Appraisals aren’t easy – there are many goals and sometimes it feels like they’re competing against each other. By training managers on how to run appraisals, you ensure reviews are effective tools for keeping employees aligned, improving and motivated.

4. Coach managers on dealing with difficult performance issues

No one likes dealing with personnel issues: it can be very difficult to manage them confidently and positively. A little coaching goes a long way when it comes to developing this skill, helping managers solve problems and prevent them from affecting the rest of the team.

5. Help managers recognise when to give formal and informal, motivational feedback

There are some employees that just want to get on with things. Others need a ‘job well done’ to stay motivated. And some have difficulty handling constructive criticism. Giving effective feedback is a skill, and you need to help managers refine it so they can nurture the best performance from their employees.

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