This series of articles introduces the concepts and practices of collating, analysing and acting on big data insight for the biggest gains in employee performance.

The buzz that currently is big data is spreading across the business world – and HR is no exception.

HR functions are increasingly recognising that collecting data is no longer enough as it only becomes valuable when used to provide actionable insight.

How big data is changing the HR skillset

In order to use and further interpret data to provide strategic organisational insights, HR professionals’ analytical skills and capabilities need to change.

While these skills may not immediately exist within the HR function, they are likely to be found from elsewhere within the company. Therefore in the immediate future HR should look to deploy diverse, cross-discipline teams to build on existing big data capabilities.

What should be analysed?

HR teams may simply choose to collect Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), reward and performance and talent data. However, it shouldn’t stop here, this data can be consolidated and combined with some of the following:

  • Finance and sales – covering areas including sales, profits and revenue achievements. •
  • Employee survey – has the potential to qualitatively illustrate which managers have the most engaged and motivated teams.
  • Customer survey – can demonstrate which teams deliver the highest customer service and the employees that manage them.
  • Email insight – contains the information required to ascertain how the best performers connect across companies, ie. high performers network with the most influential people.

It is at the point that HR starts to establish and link a complete picture of individual and organisational performance.

Armed with this approach, HR can achieve an understanding of what consistently drives high performance within an organisation and reinforce its position as a data leader in the process.

So what do you do when you’ve analysed all of this data?

Here’s a guide on how to implement the analysis of big data insight to develop your employee performance management insight.

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