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You’re Fired

You’re Fired

Recruitment Matters

Recruiting a new employee is an important task that business managers have. Finding suitable people for positions within an organisation is vitally important to ensure that a business can fulfil its obligations.

When hiring employees’ thoughts should be given to the impact this could have on ongoing skills development, business performance and brand awareness in order to seek the most appropriate person for the role.

However, what can initially seem like a good recruitment decision may not continue to be so, this can be due to a variety of reasons and below we summarise in some instances what can cause this and ultimately how to address this and move on.

With all of the examples below in order to avoid any chance of an employment tribunal claim as well as reflecting accurately the company’s policies and procedures ensure that the appropriate formal processes have been followed, such as a full investigation and that you have prepared in advance for each meeting / discussion as well as retaining appropriate confidentiality.

Having conducted a thorough investigation you should also consider whether there is any significant mitigation that has led to the employees behaviour and if so what can be done to support this.

  1. The poor performer: When someone shows great promise and then does not deliver as expected either through choosing not to do the role or being unable to do the role and all options have been explored this can result in ultimately the termination of someone’s contract of employment through either a disciplinary or capability process.
  2. Ongoing absenteeism: The employee who has so much short term absence which is managed through the disciplinary process that eventually there is no further scope for them to continue in employment.
  3. The serious case of gross misconduct i.e. theft of company property: When someone does something that is deemed as gross misconduct this results in the termination of their contract of employment, and will result in instant dismissal from the Company.

You have to consider how to approach this and ensure that the matter does not become overly emotional, remain level headed and show sincerity and support where appropriate. Consider how you would feel in this situation and try to show consideration for this.

Remember that how you present yourself in the management capacity during starting and ending someone’s employment will set an example of your business style and will define you as a person. Show appropriate consideration and following the right processes.

Ending someone’s employment contract due to dismissal is a difficult matter to address,  remember that being dismissed from a role is a significantly difficult process for an individual to be on the receiving end of and accept, however, being open and honest with impacted individuals will ensure that the most effective meeting will take place.

Take a moment to watch our video on the do’s and don’ts on dismissals to learn more on what to consider before firing an employee.

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