Heatwave Alert: Employers Ditch the Jackets and Ties!
Heatwave Alert: Employers Ditch the Jackets and Ties!

Heatwave Alert: Employers Ditch the Jackets and Ties!

It’s HOT! June 2017 is forecast to be the hottest in 40 years! 

I love the sunshine and should have been a summer baby but this month’s heatwave has been pretty unbearable (pass me a cold drink and show me to the pool!). Trying to find appropriate work attire that fits in with the company’s dress code policy is almost impossible. Just last week we read of Joey Barge, a call centre worker who tried to keep his cool  during the heatwave by wearing a fetching pair of smart blue shorts to work, only to be sent home as he was deemed inappropriately dressed! Now Joey in his role isn’t customer facing, so how did this impact his ability to do his job? Also in recent news the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has urged employers to temporarily relax their dress codes during the heatwave.

Maintain the balance between summer attire and professionalism

My response is to ditch the jackets and ties and allow your employees to wear casual clothes to work. That being said employees should not come to work in flip flops or mankinis, but there is nothing worse than wearing trousers and shirts when by 10am, you’re going to look like you’ve just been wrapped up in cling film!

We live in the 21st century and the shops are bursting with tailored shorts and smart short sleeved shirts appropriately targeting the working population. These items are designed for professionals during summer and they will certainly help keep body sweat at bay!

How employers can stay cool!

  • Allow employees to wear more casual business wear (with some guidelines on what is and isn’t acceptable!).
  • Take caution with outdoor workers by ensuring they have sun-screen and water to protect themselves.
  • Keep working environments cool by distributing fans and making sure air conditioning units are working.
  • Stay flexible so your employees have the option of avoiding the rushhour crush by coming in earlier or starting later.
  • Be even more flexible if possible by allowing employees to work from home (or have the day off!).
  • Encourage regular breaks and keep a ready supply of cool drinks handy.

Frankie says … RELAX!

So relax the dress code whilst we continue to see the summer temperatures soar and go and buy some ice cream and lollies, I hear it is very good for employee morale and engagement!

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