Spotting Talent
Spotting Talent

Spotting Talent

Spotting Talent – A Talent Itself!

Finding the right talent for your business is often a task which can seem laborious or time consuming and often quite difficult to complete successfully. Here are a few pointers to help you find the right people who can take your business in the right direction.

Know What You Need

Knowing exactly what you need before you set out to find it will make the (sometimes painful) process a lot easier. A lot of businesses employ replacements for whoever has just left, but quite often this isn’t what the business needs. Look at the current role, even take a look at the wider team – what would fit into the gap to ensure the business runs as effectively as possible? It isn’t always a replacement, sometimes small tweaks to duties or roles can make a big difference.

Internal vs External

Often, hiring managers make the mistake of missing good talent that is right under their nose. Next time you have a vacancy arise, think about if there are any potential current employees who would be able to make the role into exactly what you’re after. Hiring internally allows you to not only save on recruitment costs, but there is also usually a quicker turn-around time as to when they can begin in role. This will allow you to focus your time on what really matters – helping develop your new hire to be as successful as possible.

Look in Unexpected Places

Hiring internally isn’t always a viable option for numerous reasons; there is no one with the required skillset or no one with the right background and qualifications. It’s always good practice to think creatively as to where you can find a candidate that can bring what you’re looking for. Think to yourself, what skills do they need that could be transferrable? Maybe from a different industry or sector – or even someone that is currently doing a different role entirely – if they have the right skills that you’re looking for, it could be better economy to teach them a new industry or sector rather than new skills.

Take Controlled Risks

Playing it safe rarely got anyone anywhere quickly. Taking a risk and following your gut can quite often pay off – the trick is making sure that your risks are controlled and there is a certain amount of damage limitation and that, if the risk doesn’t work, the upset won’t be too damaging to the business. But don’t wait forever! Although you may want to wait for the person who is 100% right, be ready to compromise as Mrs or Mr 80% right may be better for the business in the short term.

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