Love of Hate Performance Reviews?
Love of Hate Performance Reviews?

Love of Hate Performance Reviews?

Performance reviews more hate than love!

Very few people, if any, would say they love performance reviews – after all they’re a pain to prepare for, regardless of whether you’re on the giving or the receiving end, right? Focusing on receiving a performance review – it doesn’t need to a painful experience and can actually enhance your prospects for long-term career success.

Embrace performance reviews for success 

If loving performance reviews is out of the question for you, focus your efforts on developing a positive relationship with them. Learning to ask for feedback effectively can help you elevate your performance and make reviews less dreadful.

Prepare for your next review well ahead of time–in fact, start as soon as your previous review ends! You can take a number of productive steps, including these:

  • Review your manager’s comments on areas where you were weakest/needed improvement and see what ideas you can come up with for making the necessary improvement. Then implement those ideas ASAP.
  • Document your achievements on a regular basis–not every detail, of course, but any key actions and results that will testify to your effectiveness on the job. It will give you a head-start for the next review.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you, including the support you get or don’t get from colleagues, the reactions to things you’ve accomplished that you’re pleased about, etc. You might see clues to pitfalls in your path and gain insights into how to avoid them going forward.

In short, moaning and groaning every time performance reviews loom on your horizon is unproductive. Regrouping and tackling them appropriately is the way to go forward.

Performance matters in today’s ever changing economic climate, discover how fast-growing companies can use performance management to fuel growth.

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