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The Importance of HR in Uncertain Times

For some of those who watched the news roll in last Friday morning (24th June), the unanticipated events brought with them a sensation of elation and triumph. For others, the referendum results brought about feelings of anxiety and worry. Placing personal views on the...

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Managing Your Team

Employee Relations

You’re Fired

Recruitment Matters Recruiting a new employee is an important task that business managers have. Finding suitable people for positions within an organisation is vitally important to ensure that a business can fulfil its obligations. When hiring employees’ thoughts...

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Creative Redundancy Selection

The difference between average and high performers Traditional redundancy selection matrices have been criticised by businesses for not really capturing the essential differences between highly valued employees and ones who are less capable. Measuring objective data...

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Reward & Performance

Love of Hate Performance Reviews?

Performance reviews more hate than love! Very few people, if any, would say they love performance reviews – after all they’re a pain to prepare for, regardless of whether you’re on the giving or the receiving end, right? Focusing on receiving a performance review - it...

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Legal Compliance

HR Outsourcing

The role of Human Resources

The job of Human Resources today is to make people and organisations grow! Dave Ulrich  created the emperors’ new clothes when he suggested that the HR Business Partner should be essentially a business-focused HR Manager role. However, this new role was introduced...

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Spotting Talent

Spotting Talent - A Talent Itself! Finding the right talent for your business is often a task which can seem laborious or time consuming and often quite difficult to complete successfully. Here are a few pointers to help you find the right people who can take your...

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