How to attract appropriately skilled candidates in a time and cost effective manner is a critical question for most businesses, some points that may assist in defining the candidate attraction strategy include:

Marketing the role

Recruitment is a two way process, why would a candidate be interested in your position and organisation?

Are you selling your company and the vacancy to the prospective employee or are you just listing the requirements of the role? 

Ask your current team what they enjoy about working for your business and articulate this in any communication.

Is the salary and package you are offering in line with market conditions?

Branded campaigns with stated salary levels increase response rates significantly.

Job boards

What are the current job boards that the appropriately skilled candidate would be looking at? 

Search for similar ads to see where similar positions are advertised.

Check with the specific job boards what their insights are regarding skills availability, salaries for your vacancy.

Do they carry similar advertising and how successful have their other clients been in hiring through their specific ads?


Utilise employee referrals and their social networks; include links to your job advertisement.

Maximise the impact via the social media, make sure your vacancies are posted and visible so that they can be ‘liked’, ‘shared’ and ‘re-tweeted’.

Recruitment agencies

Does the agency you are considering have a recent, proven track record in the specific market? 

Search for similar jobs on the net and see which agencies are currently handling similar roles.

What are their insights regarding candidate availability, salary levels and how confident are they in being able to deliver a strong shortlist?

Does the agency have a full understanding of your company, culture and this particular role to enable them to identify the right talent and attract them to your organisation?

Identifying and retaining great new team members who will add value to our organisations is a on-going challenge, researching market trends and ensuring our marketing is engaging the candidate is crucial to our success.

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