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Founded in 2006, PlusHR are HR support specialists that work with some of the world’s biggest brand names, to provide leading HR management support services. Based in London and Southampton, we provide our HR support services to businesses of all sizes, throughout the UK.

HR Management Support

We can provide a variety of HR support options, from complete HR responsibility outsourcing to offering a dedicated in-house HR management advisor. Our leading HR consultancy and outsourcing options are flexible, and can be shaped around your business requirements and level of support required.

PlusHR boasts a diverse client portfolio that covers small, medium and large businesses across various industries such as technology, marketing, financial services, PR, architecture and property management. Your business is your business, it is like no other – therefore different levels of HR management support may be right for your business, dependant on the stage of your business journey. Therefore, often when searching for HR advice and solutions, it can be difficult to find the right option for you. Look at our ‘What Do I Need’ guide and get a good idea of what could work for your business, but of course, please get in contact to discuss your specific requirements.

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