Why is culture important?

Having worked in and with companies during growth periods it is noticeable how building and maintaining a culture that is conducive to growth presents many challenges; however, the good news is that the opportunities outweigh the challenges.

Culture is impactful as it improves performance by energizing employees who rally around a set of meaningful, unified goals and this works best when it is: clear, consistent, and comprehensive.

Useful steps

As a business is growing it’s easy to take your eye of the ball in terms of what this means to your teams and how this is likely to impact on their performance.  Useful considerations include:

  • Keep staff informed with developments – communication is key!
  • Get them involved with elements of the process as much as possible
  • Make staff feel part of the journey and in control – how can they get involved?
  • Ensue that new work areas/systems access are set-up well and are organised
  • Encourage staff to sit with different parts of the operation whenever possible when they are on site for meetings or during holiday periods etc.
  • Regular face to face meetings and brainstorming sessions


Make sure new employees get off to a great start, inductions can set the scene by including:

  • Your companies goals, culture
  • How they can contribute to the success of the organisation
  • How this relates to their goals and what part they play in the overall strategy
  • How their contributions will be measured and how they may be rewarded for this

Talent shortage

With a talent shortage in many industry sectors, to identify quality candidates who fit your company culture and technical requirements is a daily challenge nowhere more so than in technology businesses.

Recruitment can be time consuming and costly.  Balancing salary expectations for quality talent within budgets is an on-going battle as pools for technical staff working with cutting edge technology stacks are often small and highly sought after which drives salaries up.

So, once companies have invested so much into hiring a fantastic new talent, it makes sense to make sure this talent wants to stay within the organisation.

Investment in your people is essential for long-term success.  Offering training and development is crucial for a number of reasons:

  • Teams are up to date with technology developments and are able to contribute with ideas and driving new projects
  • Increases your competitive edge
  • Keeps employees engaged and they feel part of the overall company goals/strategy
  • Stability and tenure of employees is key to a company’s growth and success


Regular salary surveys will ensure your pay is in line with market conditions and your team knows it is fairly compensated. 

In conclusion, an employee who feels valued as their company is investing into their training and future is less likely to want to change jobs and make a great contribution to the overall success of your organisation.

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